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3D Modeling

3D Animation Technology

Our 3D animation services facilitate the visualization of clients’ projects to confirm the design at hand. We render a computer animation of your project, using your architectural plans, to create accurate visuals of the exterior, interior, and surroundings. These highly realistic visuals will allow potential buyers to project themselves in their future home/commercial space regardless of its completion status.


View our sample pictures and videos below!

Apartment Interior
Townhouse Exterior

Interior Design Visualization

To further customize your 3D animation, we also provide interior design visualization for the interior of the project. This allows us to render personalized interior visuals of the plans based upon your interior design ideas. Many clients benefit from this as it allows them to "walk" through their homes with the exact interior in mind - confirming their color, texture choices for walls, furnishings, etc.


3D Printing

In addition to our 3D animation, we provide state of the art 3D printing. Our 3D printer creates a scaled-down physical, solid model of your project using the CAD plans given to us. Many historical homes would benefit from presenting the changes in a 3D fashion for Historical Society’s review. Real estate agents can also use these models as a gift for their new property owners.


These photos depict basic, rough models. Finished products will be a detailed, 360-degree model which can be realistically painted upon request.


3D Animation
Interior Design Visualization
3D Printing
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