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AeroBarrier Seal (ABS) is a convenient, cost effective approach to seal homes in less than 3 hours and provides real time verification until the air-tightness requirement has been achieved.

A9 Green is transforming the way residential, multifamily, and commercial builders air seal the building envelope in New England by aligning our energy consulting and HERS Raters experience with the AeroBarrier Seal (ABS) technology. We guarantee that your project will meet any IECC, ENERGY STAR, or passive house requirements. You will never fail a blower door test!

Aero Barrier Seal machine
Aero Barrier Seal nozzle spraying aerosol sealing substance
Aero Barrier Sealing results showing reduction in air leakage

Why AeroBarrier is the best option?

Measurable Results

As AeroBarrier is applied, the results are displayed in real time. 

Time Saving

The whole process from setting up, sealing and cleaning, takes on average 3 hours. Once set up, the AeroBarrier machine takes over and manages the sealing process through completion.


Sealant achieves durability performance in 3 key areas: flexing, aging, and compatibility in tests simulating 50 years of service.

Cost Effective

No more caulking needed to weatherize a space pre-drywall. Avoid sealing guesswork and save on time, material, labor, and mechanical load.

Path to Passive House

By incorporating a blower door, the AeroBarrier system is able to dial in your desired leakage.

GreenGuard logo

GreenGuard Gold certified with Ultra-low VOC content and no off-gassing. Work can resume in the home within 30 minutes.

How does it work?

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