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LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is a green building rating system that considers a holistic view of construction and design in order to maximize the efficiency, resiliency, and quality of a building. LEED Certification is a  world renowned mark of sustainability. 

96,000 LEED projects and counting

Here's why... 

LEED Certified buildings...

improve indoor and outdoor air quality

filter harmful pollutants, provide ample sunlight, and use sustainable materials

produce a healthy environment shown to increase productivity and overall happiness


Health Benefits

LEED Certified buildings..


have reduced CO2 emissions in homes by 34%

have avoided 1.3 Million tons of coal use

consume 25% less energy than non-LEED certified homes


Environmental Benefits 

LEED Certified buildings...

save 1.2 Billion in energy savings

save $715.3 Million in waste savings

tend to have higher home and resale values compared to homes without LEED Certification


Economic Benefits

The AP LEED registered specialists at A9 Green will help you receive certification and reward for your sustainable building practices. 

LEED Platinum Certification Icon


80+ Points

LEED Gold Certification Icon

60-79 Points 

LEED Silver Certification Icon

50-59 Points

LEED Green Certification Icon

40-49 Points

Although we are happy to offer advice at any stage of your project, we suggest that you reach out to us during the initial planning stages of your project so that we can ensure that you receive your desired level of certification. 

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