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Passive House

Passive building is set of design principles that measure and maximize the energy efficiency of a building. Passive building is a great method to optimize the gains and minimize losses of any type of building. Passive building design is the first step towards net zero or net positive buildings. 

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Passive House Institute US

Passive buildings are built in accordance to these five building-science principles:

1. Passive homes employ continuous insulation throughout the entire envelope without thermal bridging.

2. The building envelope of a passive building is airtight and prevents infiltration of outside air and loss of conditioned air. 

3. Passive building employs high-performance windows and doors.

4. Passive buildings use a form of balanced heat and moisture-recovery ventilation.

5. Passive design uses minimal space conditioning. 

Let Us Help You


At A9 Green, we will advise you throughout the construction process and will work to certify your Passive House building. Our Passive House Verifiers and Certifiers can ensure that your project reaches your desired energy efficiency standards. 

If you are interested in maximizing energy efficiency with Passive Building, we suggest that you learn about AeroBarrier Sealing

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