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MA Setting HERS Rating Records!

An article posted by RESNET on August 22nd, 2017 stated that in 2016 Massachusetts had the highest percentage of HERS Rated homes. A staggering 61% of all homes sold in MA were HERS Rated, also highlighting the high demand of homeowners in this area looking for energy efficient housing. In comparison, that year only 22% of new homes nationwide were HERS Rated - showing Massachusetts nearly tripled the national percentage.

A typical existing home, built before 2000, typical rates above 100 (closer to 130 actually), on the HERS Rating Index. Now, new homes in most states typically sport an average HERS score between 75 and 90, however, Massachusetts has challenged the game and can proudly say its average HERS Index Score is 55!

A map depicting the percentage of HERS Rated homes in each state - #1 MA, #2 Indiana, #3 Iowa

A9 Green has contributed to this exciting statistic by providing HERS Ratings to over 1,000 homes throughout the Massachusetts area.

To read more about this exciting news Click Here for the original article.

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