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At A9 Green, we take the burden of navigating the application process for Utility Sponsored Program rebates for your specific project. Our familiarity with your project will enable us to determine your eligibility for the programs available within Massachusetts. Our recommendations for the project will take into consideration how to maximize the rebates you receive. Most of our clients who follow through with our recommendations will find that these rebates offset the cost of our services and then some.


Another cost-saving advantage of having us apply your project through the Utility Sponsored Program is the availability of free LEDs for eligible projects. We work closely with the project manager or electrician to calculate the type and quantity of LEDs that can be ordered. We coordinate all aspects of the ordering, shipping, and delivery processes.


Once your project is finished, and all final testing has been completed, our team calculates the total amount of rebates the project will be receiving and submit this to the Utility Sponsored Program who processes and sends the check to you. We are fully committed to ensuring that issuance and delivery of rebate checks are processed and completed accurately. 


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