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HERS Rating

At A9 Green, our team includes RESNET certified HERS Raters. HERS Raters are a crucial part of your project, from start to finish. We work with your team from the earliest stages of design and construction to help solve any potential problems and produce solutions to improve your building's energy performance. Throughout construction and until the completion of the project, we will consult with you to achieve an outstanding HERS Rating Score, reduce your construction costs, and provide thousands in rebates to eligible projects.


Massachusetts energy codes are now the most stringent they have ever been, making it extremely difficult for new projects to pass a HERS inspection. Without consistent involvement from a certified HERS Rater at A9 Green, your project faces the risk of failing the required energy codes and being denied a Certificate of Occupancy.

Our Three Phase Process

Phase 1: Plans Review & Energy Modeling

After receiving your architectural plans we will generate an energy model of your building to display how this specific project will perform energy wise and create a preliminary HERS certificate - needed by most towns to obtain your building permit.

Phase 2: Energy Consulting & Midpoint Inspection

Throughout the construction process, we will provide you with advice and options to make sure your project complies with the latest energy codes. Once the insulation is installed, we will complete an on-site visit to locate any energy deficiencies. When the midpoint inspection is completed we will enroll eligible projects in the utility-sponsored rebates program.

HERS rating Index from 150 to 0

Phase 3: Final Inspection & Testing

After construction is completed and the house is in move-in condition we will perform our final inspection and testing which could include blower door and duct leakage test.


We will generate our full HERS calculation, process your final utility incentives, and create the final certificate to receive your Certificate of Occupancy.

Stretch Code towns are required to meet a maximum HERS Score of 55 or lower for new construction homes!

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